One of the biggest concerns of many travelers when they are embarking on a short getaway to Dubai is the uncertainty of finding a good restaurant where they can eat well at a fair price. There are many tourists who do not want to leave this choice to chance, and it is that when visiting a new country, tasting the delights of local food is a must. And doing it in good restaurants is a real headache, especially if you do not know the language or you are a stranger in that culture.

Luckily, today there are many ways to look for recommendations, both offline and online that make it much easier to eat well when you are traveling. Thanks to the new technologies, in the recent years, we have got many new options to access advice on the products and services wherever we are sitting. Now, both types of advertising, online and offline, compete for the attention of the public, but to make sure a round trip, it is best to take advantage of all the possibilities within our reach.

Offline Paper Guides and Tips

Until a few years ago, the most frequent ways to choose a good restaurant when doing tourism were the consultation of guides in paper or word of mouth. The guidebooks have long provided the fantastic advice when it comes to finding the best places to eat. However, their very nature makes them perishable and very limited for the reason that they cannot offer neither large lists nor varied user opinions.

On the other hand, the word of mouth depends on the two factors; first of all, the acquaintances who have already visited the site or specific recommendations from the tourist offices and hotel receptions. In the second place, from contact with indigenous people that there is nothing more direct than interacting with the people that we meet on the street.

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You have to take the opportunity to ask at the hotel reception for the most popular local foods as where you can taste them. You can also ask on the street, of course, but try not to be in the touristy places or you will only get in contact with people who do the same as you to visit the city, therefore, they will be without real knowledge which can actually help you find a good restaurant.

The other option is to visit the online platforms to seek guidance about the best restaurants in Dubai. Here I would suggest you to visit Coya Dubai, where you can eat the best foods in the whole of Dubai.

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