A barking dog is normal thing, but in case you dog is in the habit of barking all through the day, it can become a very annoying problem not only for you as the patient dog owner but for your neighbors as well who you can find sooner or later at your door with the complaint of your dog barking. Other reasons why your dog could be barking excessively may range from thirst, hunger, excessive cold and heat. Bear in mind that you need to feed, provide it with drink, or keep your dog safe during extreme conditions. Bark collars may be resorted to if you have no other option left and after you have checked all of these possibilities. Here are a few tips to help you stop your dogs barking;

Make sure that your dog is getting exercise often. A tired dogs will spend more of their time sleeping than barking.

Offer your dog a chew toy. When a dog chews it help release stress and will occupy their time.

Train your dog on the “Quiet” command.

Make some noise to distract your dog from the barking behavior. Create a shaker by throwing a few coins or rocks in empty

container and shake it when the god barks.

Try a dog training collar.

With a lot of different features on certain dog collars around, this item can be more useful to you and your pet if you would like to handle your problems about your dog’s behavior and barking nuisances in an easier manner. However, it is important not to go overboard and use it for a very long time, especially if your dog already knows what to do.

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Proper timing in training your dog with a dog training collar is imperative. So be sure to know when to stop using it and see how behaved your pet could be. If the unfavorable behavior recurs, that’s the time you need to remind it to behave by putting on the collar again without saying the words, ‘Please behave’.

When you buy a dog training collar, you are supposed to make sure that the selected item can cater to your needs fully. You should also go for the established brands in the market and read some dog training collar reviews as well to understand the product batter. Seek good deals with manufacturers who have carved their niche in the dog training collar industry.

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