Undoubtedly one of the trophies that every hunter would like to win is of elf hunting with its difficulties in hunting and especially in shooting. In this post, we will talk about the aspects that we can consider more important when it comes to picking up and getting one of these good trophies. Sneaky and often difficult to see and stalk, it is a passion for hunting. In these regard, we are going to share a few tips for your hunting of elf, the key points to be successful.


Your clothes must be light, so that you can move easily and stay warm. It is always convenient to wear a warm clothing if you do not need to be left in your vehicle. The dawns are cold, and it will be necessary to anticipate wearing a light and breathable coat to allow the elimination of perspiration that occurs when walking and thus keep you always dry. Good pants that protect your legs will be necessary. You must try to choose a garment that is as silent as possible, so that when you brush with it on a branch or shrub, you make the slightest noise.


Although you may not always have to walk great distances to hunt an elf, it is advisable that the shoes you wear should be comfortable and soft, so that you do not punish your feet. The shoes have to be impermeable, so that they protect you from the morning dew, breathable and resistant, so that you can keep the foot always unharmed. Today, there are numerous Gore-Tex fabrics that are highly recommended, as they provide great comfort.

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The weapon must be as light as possible, so that after a couple of hours, it does not turn out to be an excessive load for the hunter.


It would be convenient to use a caliber according to its small size. At present, there is a very wide range of calibers, recommending all that are included between a minimum of 243 Win and a maximum of 7 mm Rem Mag. Although we always recommend that the hunter should go have the best feel with which he is more accustomed to hunting. Many times you have to shoot in low light and at a great distance. As for the type of rifle to use, our advice is the bolt and the monotype, the latter being the one that possess greater precision and performance to perfectly fit the modality of hunting.

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