Mosquitoes are one of the insects that has a greater enmity the human beings. The reason is that they transmit diseases, generate hives and really annoy with their buzz at bedtime.

Combating these incest is a necessity to prevent diseases, especially in times of dengue and chikungunya. Faced with the scarcity of industrial products, here are some ideas to get rid of the mosquitoes Spray

Generally, sites with many plants, in which water accumulates, mosquitoes proliferate very easily, so before making the decision to fumigate, you are supposed to empty the containers of water, remove liquids from vases and clean the undergrowth. It is also necessary that in the corners there are no objects in which mosquitoes can hide.

Since time immemorial, mosquito nets have been a remedy to rid some areas of the home of mosquitoes, especially when people try to fall asleep. Also, the grandmothers recommend ‘shaking’ the rooms which means that you take a clear rag and tie it shake very tightly at the doors and windows and the next step is to close the site to avoid the entrance of annoying mosquitoes.

Another natural remedy is the use of citronella. The oil and candles of this material located in the house and even in the yard cause mosquitoes to completely go away. Another remedy recommended for gardens is the residue left in the coffee. When mixed with the soil, it will serve as a natural fertilizer and also to reduce the reproduction of larvae when the plants are watered.

There are people who also place lemons cut in half with sweet nails inserted into the fruit pulp. There are also traps for mosquitoes such as the one built by a plastic bottle lined with black cardboard with yeast and sugar to attract the mosquito that are trapped without being able to leave the rudimentary device.

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According to the experts in the field, the increase in plague responds to the environmental problems for the reason that the decline of amphibian species, the main enemy of mosquitoes, has generated a lack of control, which makes it essential not only to tackle the pests with chemicals and with physical actions, it is also essential to return the balance to the ecology system with repopulation plans that in the long run will reduce the presence of this type of insects.

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