I do not know if you have ever had to fold a stroller. It looks easy but do not rely on its appearances. Perhaps the instructions say ‘press and bend forward’ but I have seen parents pushing anything that resembles a button to end sweaty and exhausted. If the maneuver requires hurry, let’s say the baby cries or falls the rain, do not miss the kick strategic to make the pileup work.

It seemed like successful the comment from a friend who managed the miracle of her folding stroller with one hand and immediately said with a smile ‘You have to celebrate this achievement.’ That had been a major victory considering that in the car waiting for him three hungry children, one with a dirty diaper. After doing rigorous cleaning, lifted the gift bag and said ‘I am able to change a diaper in less than 1 minute.’ I think my record was 55 seconds and kept impeccably tight. With the car, I scratched fingers several times and blessed the day I took the car for good.

Celebrating our daily achievements is a great way to self-motivate, no matter how small it may look. If we recognize what we do well, it increases the confidence in ourselves and we get closer to the goals. Be a sales target, a university degree or a better family relationship, it is harder to get if you do not pay attention to the milestones we overcome along the way, not least because everyone, even the toughest, needs applause.

Years ago, I ran the New York Marathon. I remember reaching the halfway stranger gave me an Oreo while screaming Go, Go, Go! The taste of childhood mixed with the joy of knowing that lacked less, and finding that had good weather, I felt a burst of energy that helped me to keep up. Having completed the training had already been an achievement, be there between stride chewing so was and if he could get to Central Park, I thought, was a triumph. Crossing the finish line in cold November morning, I was able to overcome the indescribable euphoria crossed my mind those days when there was exceeded 10, 20 and 30 training miles. I also remembered the pain and blisters.

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Great achievements are the result of small victories and defeats. Give more importance to what? If you fix your attention on each, it will stumble along the way uphill and if you cannot celebrate your small successes, it will target far away, or even could lose meaning. It is what you do and achieve now what will take you to wherever you go, and as you can imagine, once you get there the other objectives appear.

On that trip, remember the little great achievements will help you maintain enthusiasm. Take time to recognize and share and give them the importance they deserve.

And the very next time when you face the challenge of a folding chair, a tent or operating the remote control of your new TV, remember that nothing is as easy as it seems. If you can get the work done, have something to celebrate with one of those cheers that go inside.

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