Without a doubt, the growing popularity of Clash Royale is a money-making machine for the studio that developed it. As a freemium game, it is tremendously addictive, the temptation to buy coins, gems and chests is very strong, hence, its applications are always in the top 10 of the most profitable for Android and iOS, regardless of the number of players. It seems that companies have finally found the key to monetizing success in smartphones.

Clash Royale is a spinoff of the popular online mobile game Clash of Clans. Here I will give you some tips and tricks to win more battles and level up faster, accumulating gold coffers and other prizes that will make you the best in each arena.

Gaming is fashionable, though with new features compared to the old times. Today, the mobile is probably the most popular platform in the world, and it especially triumphs in online games. Among them, Clash of Clans and its Clash Royale card spinoff stand out.

The second one is what interests us in this tutorial, which is a fairly complex online mobile strategy game. You need to have patience, clear ideas and also some tips to level up faster.

As you get victories and win more coffers, you face fearsome rivals who have more powerful cards and virtually indestructible towers, so to achieve the maximum in the game, you have to accumulate the best cards, gems and coins of all kinds.

In the game, you should refrain from cheating and resort to the tricks or hacks that promise endless gems. It is easy to find webs that claim to have the key to generate gold, gems and chests. You can learn more about Clash Royale chest simulator apps at crhackz.com.

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If you use tricks to have unlimited gems, fold or chests in Clash Royale, you will be banned temporarily or permanently, so you need a reliable source like crhackz.com. In short, the threat of expulsion is real and thousands have already been deprived of their access to Clash Royale.

When you get into the matter, you probably do not need a guide to know that there are two types of currency i.e. gems, which you can buy with real money, and gold coins, which serve to improve cards and buy new ones. The first of these currencies is the most valuable, which serves to buy better premium objects and reinforce you for the battle. However, unless you go through the levels, they are the most difficult ones to get, something that contrasts with the relative simplicity to achieve gold.

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