The great gastronomic restaurants make us the frequent customers of these places, but if all restaurants were in the category of excellent, the task of choosing one would be very simple. We would only think about what to eat and visit the place of the chosen specialty, only to focus on eating and having a good and unforgettable moment around the table. As this does not exist in reality, the work is greater to discern between one good restaurant and another which is not so good. With regard to this, I will now give recommendations regarding elements that need to be fixed to recognize a restaurant in Dubai. The presentation of the dish and the cleaning are some of the details to consider fir choosing a good restaurant.


If the restaurant has this space, it will give you the peace of mind that your car will not be in danger and will be reasoned for one to choose that restaurant over another that does not have parking space. Now when entering the car through the secondary door, many of the restaurants have parking lots and one when getting out of the car, and you may see the exit of the kitchen towards the garbage and waste treatment sector. Complex it is if this sector is stinky with dirty and undissolved carton boxes to take up less space with dirty and stained trash cans with leftover food, waste and paper or debris out of them. Be assured that it shows very poorly maintained hygiene of a restaurant. If I have the job as administrator, am owner or chef and do not order to maintain the hygiene of this sector which is in sight of the client, I cannot care about hygiene in the kitchen, bathrooms and dependencies where customers do not pass through.

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The Arrival at the Restaurant

In this case, what makes the customer feel better is to be received by someone, if this happens it means that someone is waiting for the door and that, on the other side, someone who is interested in the restaurant.

We repeatedly find that we enter a restaurant and no one greets us, we look at the bar and the poor man suffers from taking the drinks, we look at the reception where the cashier is busy with his work or watching the computer, the waiters are distracted in their labors caring no matter who comes in. The worst thing is to get to the table without the help of anyone and wait to get to the one and then wait for the menu.

If such things happen when you visit a restaurant, it is better to opt for another one. To help you save from the hassle, I would simply ask you to visit Coya restaurant Dubai.

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