Halloween is just around the corner and everybody wants to shoot pictures and videos to capture the special moments of the upcoming holiday. While photos are easier to edit, thanks to all the amazing apps available today, video editing is still looked at with hesitation and are looked at, with much apprehension. While the iPhone 6 itself features fantastic built-in apps for video editing, you can also use the numerous apps available on android.

How to edit and crop videos using the in-built iPhone Photo App 

The iPhone Photo App is an in-built system app that makes it very convenient for you to change and alter it, irrespective of the format that you want to use it in.

Here’s what you need to do:

Simply, select the video that you want to select for editing. Move sliders to trim the selected video and then preview. Once satisfied with your progress, click the tap button to play. You will either be given the option to save the clip as a new video or as a video with edits saved.

Add filters for personalization 

You can even add filters to your original video to give it more appeal. If you are into slow motion and enjoy dramatic functions, then the iPhone 6 is great for you! Switch on the slo-mo option and select the part where you want to place the slo-mo effect.

Other available options 

If you are not happy with the installed Photo app, you can always download video editing apps, which perform brilliantly as well. There are many available on the apple store which can be used to shoot an HDR video or edit it, as considered appropriate. Here we have listed some of the best video-editing apps which perform various functions. These are as follows:

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How to edit and crop videos using a 3rd party app

Third-party apps are usually developed by external developers. In this case, 3rd party apps have to be particularly downloaded from the app store. If you want to trim a video whether, at the start or the finish, you will still need to install a 3rd party app from the ios store. Whether the idea is to crop a video or frame it better, or in general change aspect ratio for your following on Instagram, you will still need a 3rd party app.

Video Crop

One app which has garnered positive reviews is Video Crop. Using this app on the iPhone 6 is simple and makes video editing easy. Simply install the Video Crop app from the App Store. At the start, the app will ask the user for permission to be given access to photos. Select the video that you want to edit.

The editing tab will give you several options such as crop and rotate. Click on crop and trim the video as per your convenience. A cropping grid appears which makes it easier to crop; for instance, the square aspect ratio is perfect for 7. Tap the Share button, which is located at the top right corner of the screen. Click on the new video to share it. After saving it, you can save the video on your phone or social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook, and more.


This is a video editing app designed by Wondershare in which users have free access to a lot of options. The app provides you with an interactive experience of shooting a video and the post-processing that takes place so that you can customize your video as per your liking. This app can be used both on android and iPhone, so Android users shouldn’t feel bad for being left behind.

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Whether you are a professional at the video-editing level or a beginner learning the ropes for better days ahead, FilmoraGo is a fantastic app that should be fully utilized! The app provides numerous options such as you can add themes, music, transitions, filters to your video titles and overlays without any additional cost. You can easily share the videos on social media channels through the sharing options available on the app.


The iMovie app is top-tiered and considered so far one of the best by Apple. Fortunately, this app is available for non-apple users as well, so if you are an android user, you can also enjoy the perks of this app. The iMovie app is free and designed in such a way that you can crop and trim a video from the middle. It has a streamlined way of recording and editing videos. The app is built in such a way that you can create Hollywood-style trailers, apply video filters, and customize the entire experience.

There is an intuitive inbuilt interactive surface that makes the user enjoy post-processing. With 10 customized filters specially designed by Apple, it enhances the entire video editing experience. Other options are also available and these include split-screen effects, slow motion, picture in picture, and fast forward. The only con that has been associated with this app is that it is a heavy app and the system hangs up in between usage.

So which video editing app is the best?

That’s really up to you. The best part of post-editing videos is that you can go out and experiment. While the above-stated apps are some of the best that have recently been released, but you can simply download the ones which have received good ratings on both the play store and the apple store.

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Download different apps and experiment – see which fits you best; what app fits your comfort zone and gives you the interactive experience that you are looking for. For more synchronized editing, use a multitude of apps as different apps have different individual features, which work well when meshed together.

So download, experiment, and enjoy. Video editing is great as a hobby and today holds a lot more worth as educational degrees and short courses are introduced in its wake. Video editing is no longer something fluff there is an entire industry behind it which is changing the world with one video at a time!

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