The Rewards

MyVegas is available on Facebook only so far, so you must have a Facebook account. Remember that every Facebook account has a limit of 3 rewards and in most cases are for a single person. In addition, you cannot get twice the same prize i.e. you cannot buy two tickets for a show, even if you have enough points, so you can only buy one for yourself. If you want two free tickets, one for you and one for your companion, that second person will have to play too.

In the ‘Rewards’ window of the game, you can see the prizes that you choose such as hotel nights, entertainment tickets, buffets and other prizes. You can see what they cost and give you an idea of what your chances are according to the time left for your trip. Almost all the prizes are totally free, except for the nights of hotels where you have to pay the resort fee when you arrive at the hotel.

Redeeming MyVegas Rewards

Once you have decided which MyVegas prizes you want and you buy them, you will get an email with an alphanumeric code that you must print and the instructions to redeem it.

Instructions to Redeem the Reward

Redeem your reward
Provide your name, redemption number, and Mlife number.
Redemption number is in rewards under the title of ‘Purchases’.
When you visit resort, you are suggested to directly go to the spot you intend to use your reward.

The dates will also appear on which your prize is valid. For hotel nights, you can see some calendars, and for the shows you will point out the invalid dates. And yes, you have read well, to reserve certain prizes such as tickets to shows, you have to call by phone. The call usually takes a lot of data such as name, surname, Mlife card number, email, address, postal code, for which day you want the prize.

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Collecting MyVegas Rewards

Now we are already in Las Vegas and we want to make use of our prizes, so what do we have to do?

The first step will be to pick up our Mlife card. We have to head to the ‘Mlife Players Club’ which are present at all MGM resorts group hotels, so we can go anywhere. And we must bring the number they gave us when we registered online on their website and a photo ID. Once the identification is confirmed, we can make a claim for our prizes.
Now there is only one thing left to do and it enjoy the MyVegas prizes to the fullest.

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