One of the trends most seen in the catwalks is dresses, baggy blouses, skirts and trousers with prints. From stripes to polka dots, fashion gurus make the most of this resource to create the original designs.

The wonderful thing about the prints is the possibilities of color combination that you can achieve when using them, as with them you will get from a formal look to a more casual one. But wearing one or more clothes with printed designs can be a great risk, so you should know some rules to combine them according to the type of clothing you wear.

The Stripes

One of the trends that never go out of style is the striped pattern. You can use horizontal, vertical and all versions, but before, learn to make the best of them, as they can be your best friends if you combine them properly or your enemies if you do not have the basics to use them.

Should I go for vertical stripes or horizontal stripes?

Vertical stripes, if you choose them in contrasting colors such as black and white, will make you look taller, and will also help you to hide those uncomfortable pieces and stylize your figure. On the contrary, the horizontal stripes enlarge, so they are enemies of most of the women. If you want to visually increase the volume of your hips or bust, buy a wide striped skirt or a horizontally striped halter top. You can use the stripes in the following ways.

As a Complement

If you are dressed in plain colors, combine a handkerchief, a hat, or even a striped bag to renew your look.

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You can use the vertical stripes with horizontal stripes at the same time. Bet on a cocktail dress in blue and white tones, but make sure that the lines are of the same thickness and maintain some consistency with the colors.

With Skirt

A fashion proposal is the striped shirt combined with a high-cut skirt, tight and a thin jacket or a cardigan with sleeves rolled up.

For the night

A striped t-shirt with black-fitting pants, high-heeled shoes, and elegant sequins will make all eyes on you.

With jeans

Wear the classic jeans with ballerinas and an extra-large striped shirt.


Combine any striped pattern with trousers or a leather skirt along with some biker-style boots and a leather jacket.

With other prints

A balanced color palette makes the fusion of prints much more harmonious. For example, you can successfully wear a leopard skirt with a striped sweater, both in shades of gray.

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