MyVegas Slots is a sensation among the gamers who like to enjoy the real life activities in Las Vegas as it offers rewards to avail in the real life which are accumulated in the game.

When in a day, you have already got a considerable amount of gold coins MyVegas slots, the game locks up and no matter how much you play, it no longer accumulates the chips or coins. You have to wait for 24 hours to continue playing. That is, if you are thinking of creating a pirate program that plays continuously and generates Loyalty points, it is not so simple thing.

You have to win new red chips to continue playing. If you have already started to play for sure, you will have noticed that, as in the real life, the slot machines are made for you to put your money in them, therefore, your chips will be gradually reducing until they are finished, and it depends on how to make the bets as this will be more or less fast. When you run out of MyVegas chips, you have several options to get more for free.

At first, the values that are in roulette will be low, but as you play, they will slowly increase. In addition these amounts can be improved in several ways such as the following;

Playing for Consecutive Days

This is quite important, since if you play every day, the daily red chips will end up multiplying by 3 from the fifth day. If one day they do not appear, you start again from the scratch on this scale.

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If you invite your friends, you also multiply in the daily wheel.

Bonus for ‘Likes

If you give a ‘like’, the prize is improved.

Daily Bonus

As we advance in the game, you will build your own strip hotel. When you are betting, you will see that from time to time appears a symbol of MyVegas accumulating and constructing by parts of the different casinos. The first one you will have will be the Circus, once you have this first casino built, you can go from time to time to ‘your city’ and ‘clicking’ on the hotels to get new red chips, in some cases even Loyalty Points, so you I recommend visiting them on a regular basis..

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