A significant point when it comes to buy and install the laminate flooring is its daily maintenance. In general, it’s built as a tough and durable product and it looks good for many years with proper care. But what happens if there is a problem with the flooring and it does need repairing? Well, it depends if the laminate flooring was a do-it-yourself application or a professional install. The best protection for laminate flooring that is installed in high traffic areas, regardless of commercial or residential use is to purchase an extended warranty.

An extended warranty differs from a regular manufacturer warranty. The main difference is that the extended warranty usually applies to the life of the product. Under normal conditions, laminate flooring can still look like new 5-10 years after installation. But with heavy traffic conditions it’s best to extend the life of the product to 10 to 30 years by purchasing a warranty to cover damage or product replacement. Some of the top manufacturers of laminate flooring that offer warranties are:

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In addition to guaranteed lifetime warranties, warranties are 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. Generally for residential properties, 15 year warranties are available. In order for the manufacturer to honor the terms of the original warranty, you must follow the manufacturer’s instruction regarding installation, care and maintenance. There are some manufacturers that provide limited lifetime warranties for residential and light commercial use, however, installation costs are not covered.

Laminate flooring warranties does not cover the following;

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Deliberate misuse
Improper installation
Shoddy workmanship
Does not cover abnormal wear and tear
Damages from natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods
Shipping damages prior to installation, caused by abuse in transit
Planks that come apart because they were improperly glued together

Laminate flooring warranties does cover the following;

Manufacture defects or defective planks
Structural breakdown of planks from normal use

In general laminate flooring is durable and with normal use and proper maintenance, it looks good for a maximum of 15 years. After 15 years, the floor may lose some of its luster, depending upon the texture and pattern that’s selected for installation. But, after this amount of time, usually the flooring will need to updated, upgraded or replaced.

For heavy traffic areas or commercial use, generally it is a good idea to replace laminate flooring after 5 years. Although, extended warranties cover the product for a period up to 30 years, not many people keep the same flooring for that amount of time.

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