The building assessment form can help you get a better idea of a commercial building’s ability to meet the specific needs of your company. This can be useful for selecting the building where you want to locate and for designing the layout for the optimum efficiency.

When you are performing the assessment of the building, follow the proper guidelines mentioned below. For each of the following characteristics, select whether it is excellent, good, fair or bad;

  • Physical adaptation of the building
  • Type and cost of rent
  • Global estimate of the quality of the premises in 10 years
  • Forecast for future expansion
  • History of the building
  • Exterior of the building to promote your company
  • A safe environment for customers and employees
  • Compliance with all the urban requirements
  • Easy accessibility for the customer
  • Effectiveness of goods exhibitions
  • Attractive as a place to shop and visit
  • Lighting quality
  • Use of space according to its value
  • Distribution to facilitate the movement of employees as well as material

The results of your building assessment form will help you determine the further actions pertaining to the maintenance of your business place. To ensure your building has no issues and follow all the safety measures, you can hire one of the professional facility management companies in Dubai.

The fact that a building conforms to the local building style does not make it suitable for any company or for all. The difference between a habitable building and one that is not, depends on the use that you want to give. The building that is a dream come true for a car shop can be a nightmare for a jewelry store. The best way to avoid getting into the wrong building is to analyze it in terms of its construction, space, design and accessibility.

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The safety of the construction of the building is fundamental. A manufacturer who uses heavy equipment needs a building constructed of materials that withstand heavy use, reduce noise and resist fire. The cement and steel are better than wood and glass.

You must also have enough space to work. For optimum operating efficiency, it is important to balance present and future space requirements.

Can you make effective use of the building design?

This requires that the relationship among the areas of sales, work and storage is compatible with the activities of the company.

Is the building accessible to customers and suppliers?

The stages, entrances and loading facilities play an important role in daily operating efficiency.

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