Sometimes it happens that the car encounters minor accidents resulting in scratches which do not look good. For these minor paint jobs if one approaches the painting experts they might come up with a solution to repaint the entire panel and hence calls for a lot of money. There are car waxes available which are suited to cover these small paint jobs. The car waxes are made of specific hues which are prepared keeping in view the paint of the different cars so that they can match them properly. One can offset these paint jobs and do them at their home too.

What is the relevance of using the clear coat wax?

Clear coat wax provides a clear sealing of the paint. It has a great effect as it delivers great shine to the car. This does not have a reverse effect on the paint of the car. Traditional Carnauba waxes which have always been very popular till few days ago often disrupts the paint of the car. Clear coat waxes provide a great effect and further enhance the shine of the car.

Are car wax and polish same?

Car wax is best to use if the car has no scratches and swirls. The wax can provide a great finish and looks. One needs to take care that the wax is applied uniformly, at the right temperature and the buffing is done properly so as to get the best results.

Car polish on the other hand is kind of a repairing of the car’s paint. Generally carries with scratches, swirls or water sports are treated using the car polish. The fine particles present in the rubbing compound set them in place of the damaged area and offer a smooth lustrous finish on buffing.

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Do black cars require any specific car wax?

Whether to use a synthetic wax, carnauba or a black colored wax will depend on your choice.

The black color wax will be apt for the black cars. If you have scratches or swirls on your car then the wax will cover up all of these. Actually the wax has pigments in it which fill up the gaps in the paint due to scratches and swirls and provide a smooth shiny finish.

The other important factor is the time you can devote to waxing. If you have plenty of time with you, go for the carnauba wax which is a natural wax content and provides great finish. However, if you are less on time it is preferable to go for the synthetic waxes which provide instant shine to the car.

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