There is nothing more awkward situation than you are going to a social event, and without any warning, your dentures badly fails you and fall out of your mouth. In this piece of writing, I am going to give you a few tips to put your dentures in a stronger way that will give you confidence to be any social gathering and talk as much as you want with everyone without having the fear of dentures’ fall.

It is important to consult Denturea dentist for the different brands and search for the options on the market for the reason that you may not be able to choose a reliable denture adhesive on your own especially for the very first time special information about the qualities and prevalent brands. One tip is to ask for several different brands of denture adhesive and try them on. There are many differences between different adhesives. When we use denture adhesives, you have to be careful with hygiene. It is easy to get debris and bacteria build up.

Steps to Stick Denture Adhesives

  • Prepare your mouth by cleaning it suitably.
  • Now clean the dentures and watch that there are no remains of the food debris and previous applied adhesive.
  • Make sure the denture is dry.
  • Place the dentures on a towel.
  • Put some denture dentures on top. Do this for both pieces of dentures.
  • Position the top piece firmly and press till it sticks.
  • Do the same with the other piece.

Remember that you must remove your dentures at night before going to sleep. This guide is purely informative and I am not a dentists or specialized technicians nor do I have the power to make a diagnosis. If you have any doubts or discomfort, you are suggested to go to your doctor.

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If you use dental crowns, it is possible that at some point, they are released. My advice is to always carry with you a little denture adhesive to handle the situation on emergency basis and never forget that the adhesive is temporary and see your dentist as soon as possible to resolve the problem.

Please, do not use super glue or similar things since they are not meant for such purposes. If you do so, it is guaranteed that you will have to see a dentist and it will cost very expensive.

The people who use full dentures usually require the use of a denture adhesive to feel more comfortable and safe, both functionally and psychologically.  Today, on the market, there are plenty of brands available with different prices and formats, producing questions among the buyers of denture adhesives.

One of the main points that a patient should consider is that if the full denture is very old and it is very maladaptive to the mouth, the denture adhesive may help a little, but it will not solve the problem. First of all, you may want to make the completely new dentures, well-adapted to the gum and, so the adhesive will have more action and durability. More adapted and the complete denture adhesive sticks better and its duration of action is much higher.

Within the products available at present, there are three types of denture adhesives as creams, powder and strips. Each of these options has its own advantage and disadvantage and they are advised for certain cases.

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Within these three adhesive products, cream is the most used one by people for different reasons. It is very simple to use, practical, durable and versatile.

It is practical and simple to use for the reason that when it is cream, the patient can place it in the areas of the dentures where it creates a fast, simple and clean bond having a pre-established consistency, and it is better adapted to new dentures. In this regard, you can consider Secure Denture Adhesive Bonding Cream.

The adhesive powder has the fundamental advantage of occupying a very fine space between the dentures and the gum. This is good when complete dentures are new. The lower thickness of the material is better for retention. The disadvantage is that if the denture does not have a very good adaptation, the adhesive does not stick very well and dissolves faster than the cream. Another disadvantage is that the placement of the powder is less simple and cumbersome.

The last one to mention is the one that comes in the form of strips. The main factor must be taken into account that it occupies a much larger space between dentures and gums than the other products. Therefore, it is less desirable in relatively new dentures and it is more advisable in those that already have many years of use.

The main recommendation is that the full denture user should try and choose the different products and select which will best suit his particular case.

When you are using a denture adhesive, you have to be more careful in the daily hygiene of this since the denture adhesives make it difficult to properly clean.

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Another recommendation to keep in mind is about the substances with which the adhesives are made. In the recent years, medical studies have discovered a relationship between the use of high amounts of zinc (some adhesives have zinc in its content) and is neurological disorders.

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