The wooden carports are an excellent solution to extend the facade of a house and get a place of shade in house in which you can enjoy the company and it is already serving as the carport to protect your vehicle.

The most frequent is to use laminated wood of pine or spruce to which treatments are applied against the humidity and insects. This is a usual option for the reason that it offers good value for money.

Those who look for something more often, opt for tropical woods like ipe, which is much heavier and more resistant than other solid woods. They do not necessarily have better performance than the laminated beams. In both cases, it is advisable to apply treatments to protect the wood at least every two years.

These are carport we can buy in a pack or kit that includes all the components necessary to do the work, in addition to the drawings and installation manual.

Of course, it is a way to save some money, however, they are far from being a solution for many. It is one thing that includes all the components and another that has all the necessary tools. And if you do not have it and you have to buy it, part of the savings is over.

Then there is carport building process. Although it may be simple for a professional or a good do-it-yourself enthusiast, it does not have to be for someone who is not used to doing jobs like this.

And finally the measures. They can be found in a standard or predefined measures. A series of very concrete measures is ideal for many, but not for all. On the other hand, the adaptation will always be within the preset margins.

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Once considered the possible disadvantages, if you are a professional or have someone who does the installation of the wooden carport, this is an excellent option. It is possible to find kits of very good quality and at a very good price, but first make sure it is an ideal solution for you.

There are different ways to cover the carport. Some people prefer to leave only the structure in which case we would be talking about pergola. Some people use awnings that they can remove and put on. And also those who prefer fixed roofs being the most frequent in wood with tiles overhead, although there are also who do in glass, panels or other materials.

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