With the widespread of grass all around, why would some people thing of planting more of them. Grass is primarily used in lawns when people simply want to have a greener view away from the brown and dirty look of the soil. If you feel the same way then you need to know how to plant grass from a seed.

It is best to plant the seeds before or after summer. Doing this allows the moisture of the soil easily kept without the need for constant watering. In the northern areas, it would be best to sow your seeds early fall when the soil is warm and only to a moderate level during daytime. This keeps the weeds from growing.

With the choice of seed at hand, the type of soil is just as important. Creating a perfect environment from where your seeds will grow best is part of knowing how to plant grass seed. Growing it is made easy with the right soil. In planting new lawns, you will need to loosen up the soil 2 to 3 inches from the top. Clear the area from any form of debris to maximize the surface of seed growth. Break up large soul clumps but don’t get to the point where the soil gets too fine. Level the area properly so as to evade pooling of water in lower areas.

Begin with the planting of the seed spreading it evenly by hand in small areas. For larger areas, you can use a mechanical seeder for a more even and accurate distribution of the seed. Limit yourself with about 16 seeds per square inch. Overcrowding an area with seeds isn’t a good idea. The seeds will be fighting for nutrients thereby not maximizing their growth. This can result to uneven growth in your lawn where in some areas weak or thin grasses emerge.

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Cover the seeds with a thin layer (1/4 inch) of soil. You can make use of accelerating agents to make your grass growth faster than the normal rate. These accelerators hold seeds in place and maintain the level of moisture optimum for the immediate germination of the seeds.

Water your seeds after everything above has been done. Water it just enough to be moist and keep yourself from flooding it.

Things to Keep In Mind

Lightly water your newly seeded lawn. Regularly watering the newly formed grass keeps its roots moist. Caring for the seeds in the early stage of its growth is noteworthy. The grass should be watered several times a day and should be trimmed when it reaches to the height of around 2 inches and the mowing can begin when it reaches the height of about 3 inches. Don’t rush into the process. Patience is a good virtue to keep, better than just knowing how to plant a grass seed. Be thorough with the process and don’t take for granted the idea of it being just grass. They’re still plants after all. When you are ready to buy the grass seeds, reading some more reviews will be extremely helpful to get the finest results.

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