You might have been asking yourself this question ever since Apple announced the Mac Book Pro. You know that Apple is one of the biggest names in technology but even they might have problems selling their problems. So here are some of the things to think about that could help us determine whether the price for Macbook Pro is an issue or not.

Big Equipment Problems

While Apple has been accomplished at ramming big bytes into smaller and smaller devices, the one thing that they seem to lack is the maintenance of the equipment. Apple has advanced leaps and bounds with the iPhone and iPod and they are literally making headway with the software as well but as soon as it comes to bigger products, Apple seems amiss in maintenance of the equipment. So if you hace a Macbook Pro and an iPod, you’re likely to get a better deal with the iPod because Macbook Pro maintenance is going to cost you more in maintenance in the long run jump

The Utility Beats Price

Sometimes we buy products because we usually convince ourselves that the utility and the usage outweigh the higher price tag of the product. While Macbook Pro offers an array of features and helpful tools, we cannot forget that Apple is a lifestyle and without the iStore and Apple stores, it is hard to operate the Macbook Pro. You cannot simply get some stuff on the Macbook pro, you have to go through a whole system so you have to think whether spending all that money on the Macbook pro worth all the trouble to spend more money in Apple Stores.

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Problems with the Structure

Macbook Pro is beautiful hardware but it’s difficult as well. The touch bar, the USB ports and not to mentions the battery have been problematic for most users. The compatibility for accessories is also a problem when you go shopping for them. Apple has admitted that these problems are justified to be pointed out and they also affect the speed and the performance of the Macbook Pro usually suffers because of it.

Competition is Tough.

Macbook might have been doing better if it wasn’t for the competition. While Apple has developed better handy equipment, companies like HP and Dell have advanced in making better hardware equipment. With Macbook Pro still flaunting the book cover design it got its name after, other companies have gone on to introduce thinner, better and even detachable screens in their version with better touch options and more features. So it is a question to consider why you would want to spend your money on the Macbook Pro when there are better and faster models available in the market by other companies.

iMac is Coming.

Apple recently announced that they are revising their Mac design and they will soon be releasing the improved iMac. Apple has promised that they will be solving all the issues that the customers have reported about. So if iMac is so close to release, should we really spend any money on Macbook Pro price in Dubai? Yes, you should.

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