Kobe Bean is praised in basketball for his great technical skills and his nearly two meters height allowed him to develop his skills so stellar in the best league in the world of basketball, the NBA. His natural position on the court was the escort, where he developed his great vision on the court. Kobe used number 24 on his back.

Kobe Bryant’s father played professionally in the NBA, so Bryant has been playing basketball from his three years of age. When Kobe was 6, his father, Joe Bryant, joined a team of Italian basketball, Rieti. At that time it was when Kobe began his great relationship with the European country where he began to dribble, years later, he would grow to the top of the NBA. There, in Italy, Kobe spent seven years, most of his childhood, from three to ten years .In 1991, Kobe returned to the United States due to the retirement of the professional circuit of his father. Kobe was probably influenced by European football but ultimately he preferred basketball professionally.

Already in USA, Kobe Bryant became part of the Aces, the basketball team of Lower Merion Institute in Philadelphia. There he triumphed demonstrating his high technical level and good way to escort, but also at center and other positions, demonstrating his versatility. He became the leading scorer in team’s history and became part of it as a legend and also marked his first steps signaling of what would become a huge sports crack. During his last years on the team, Bryant was already a promising young star who won several awards, among which are two of the most important such as the Naismith Prep Player of the Year Award and the McDonald’s All-America Team.

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It was in 1996 when Kobe Bryant was chosen in position 13 of the first round of Draft of 96 Charlotte Hornets where began the road to a legend. The New Orleans did not have the approval of an ambitious Bryant, who did not look kindly on that team play. However, he was fortunate to be spotted by Jerry West, general manager of Los Angeles Lakers team. Thus, West proposed a deal to the owners of the rights of a very young Bryant consisting change of his starting as a center. You can check it out to find the basketballs which these renowned basketball players use to have the best experience of playing basketball.

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