Although renting a car has several benefits, you have to take into account some recommendations when it comes to doing so. The authorities explains that it is necessary to take into account that the companies that offer car rental service have to present a contract that includes the data of the company and the identification of the customer, the car and the conditions of the rental service.


In order to rent a car, it is mandatory to be of legal age and, in addition, to have some seniority in the driver’s license. Although the requirements are set by the companies, most of them require the driver to be older than 20 years of age. In addition, many companies ask for a seniority in the driving license for more than a year.

On the other hand, another of the condition that is usually unavoidable for the car rental company to entrust one of their cars is the credit card, from which they will proceed to withhold the security directly.

By Signing the Contract

It is important to read the contract very carefully before you sign it and make sure that all of the clauses are fully understood by you, especially if the user is in the other country and the agreement is written in a foreign language. The authorities indicate that there should be no hesitation in requesting any clarification which is deemed appropriate by the car renter. It is necessary to bear in mind that the conditions that refer to the assumptions of exemption from liability on the part of the company.

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For example, some of the contracts stipulate that in case of an accident, it must be reported to the rental company of the car within 48 hours. If this condition is not fulfilled, it is the consumer who must respond for any damages that have occurred in the car.

Anti-Theft Insurance

The contract of an anti-theft insurance is essential, since if the car was stolen, the renter should pay for the car. In addition, vehicle theft is a topic of concern for the rental companies. The work is underway with the purpose of specifying the pending measures that will help to combat the illicit traffic of vehicles, one of the most common problems of the sector.

By following all of the tips mentioned above, you will be able to rent a car Dubai without any before and after hassle.

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