Today, technology allows us to do many things that we could not even think of doing in the past days. This article will explain about the system of mobile phone trackers and how it can lead to fewer lost phones than occurred in the past.

What would you do if you lost your mobile phone? The majority of us now rely on our mobiles phones for much more than just sending and receiving the text messages and making phone calls. Half of our lives can be on these phones with emails, contacts and photos all taking their place on these tech devices.

So it is easy to imagine to experience the inconvenience if you happen to misplace your mobile phone and cannot find a way to have a phone tracker. People leave their phones on trains, in restaurants and even lose them in their own home every single day. Who is to say you will not be the next person to do such a thing?

The good news is that a mobile phone tracker can help you to locate the lost and missing mobile in a very easy manner. They automatically pinpoint the precise location of a mobile phone and narrow down the area where the phone is lying. There are various ways of doing this such as GSM and GPS tracking. It makes sense to learn more about these ways to track the mobile before you actually have the need to use them. This will mean you have the opportunity to get your phone back if you ever be unlucky enough to misplace it.

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Another thing to bear in mind is that some phones allow you to lock them remotely if you lose them. If they are lost or stolen, you will want to do this so that if someone even finds it cannot gain access to your information stored in the phone. Blackberry phones can use a feature called Blackberry Protect that allows the users to do it, so you can see that even when you don’t know where your mobile phone is, you can still protect it from afar.

Obviously it makes sense to be careful with your phone and the system of working of a phone tracker, so that you never lose it in the first place. People who put them on tables tend to be more likely to leave them behind when they leave a particular place. If you can take advantage of mobile phone tracking methods, you stand a better chance of tracking and finding it back. Thanks to the modern technology, phones are becoming harder to leave behind.

When you discover that your Android phone has been stolen, dozens of thoughts run through your head at the same time. Normally for a few minutes, you are blocked without knowing what to do. Once those worrying minutes pass, you try to figure out how to do. In the worst scenario, you can follow these steps;

Use Android Device Manager

First of all, use Android Device Manager from another device to locate your Android phone on a map. You will find it if Google’s services. This way, in case of losing the cell phone, you can have a follow up for the exact location of your Android phone.

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File a Complaint

If you are sure your Android phone has been stolen, go to local authorities in the town where it was stolen. Once you have filed the complaint, the police may intervene in the search for your device.

Notify the Company

If the stolen Android phone belongs to the company for which you work, you should notify it as soon as possible. It is even advisable to notify the company before submitting the report to the police as their corporate department may be able to prevent the thief from accessing private information of the business.

Change Passwords

Do not let the thief to gain access to other accounts whose passwords you have saved in your now stolen. Change passwords such as email, social media and bank accounts to prevent the thief who can send messages from your Android phone and to prevent identity or financial theft.

Never Try to Get It Back Yourself, Ask the Police for Help.

If you have been able to find your Android phone through a GPS location app such as Android Device manager, contact the Police Department where you filed the report and ensure you have handy information. If you have additional information about the location of the stolen phone, the police could intervene right away. Never go to the thief’s house without prior authorization or it can cost you dearly.

Delete the Data

If you are unable to recover the Android phone or it is taking too long and you think it will be impossible to find, delete all data from it. You can do this over the Internet with tracking apps and services. It won’t prevent the thief from using the cell phone, but at least the thief will not have access to your personal data.

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Call the Insurance Company

If you are using an insurance company, and the policy covers theft, be sure to call the company. Having a police report will be of great help. The ideal thing would be to recover the Android phone with the help of the police, but if you do not get it, you must report the situation to the insurance company and meanwhile they will help you to replace the stolen Android phone. I hope you are clearly and helpfully answered to ‘How do I find my Android phone?’ in this piece of writing.

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