Learn The Secrets To Wear Animal Prints & Polka Dots Without Falling Into Fashion MistakesThe Animal Print

There is a great diversity of types of animal print i.e. of zebra, snake, leopard, giraffe, etc. Choose the one that suits you best, but make sure that in your outfit, it is only one garment with this type of print to predominate, if it is an accessory, you can also include it. The aim is to give a daring touch in a more sober set.

If your hips are wider than your shoulders, you can ideally use this print on top clothing. On the contrary, if you are broad-shouldered and have narrow hips, choose a lower garment with this design. For example, a skirt will give the feeling of greater proportion between shoulders and hips. The following ways are recommended to use it.

Plain Colors

This is a very striking print, so I recommend that the other garments that conform your dress are in neutral tones. You should opt for dark ones like black, gray, brown but white also works.

In Coats

Wear coats, sweaters or jackets in animal print, which you can combine with jeans, leggings and winter boots. Make sure that what you wear under the coat is a single color. A good option is to combine it with a black dress or black trousers for a more elegant look, and you can opt for jeans and a black top for a more casual look.


Another way to wear it is in accessories i.e. in handbags, handkerchiefs or in shoes; limit it to a single complement so as not to be too charged.

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For the Night

Adapt it to your different outputs. Wear it on a tube skirt, blouses or high heels. For example, a leopard blouse combined with a red skirt would be quite daring.

With Other Prints

If you are thin, wear flowery trousers with animal print stilettos and you will be the sensation.

Polka Dots

Incorporate them to your look through key garments such as dresses, skinny jeans, accessories, shoes and tops. This print is ideal to give a chic touch to your look without sacrificing femininity. The girls take it everywhere, no matter if it is day or night, or if it is clothing or accessories.

Size of the Dots

Remember that the size of the dots should be relative to your height; if you are short, look for small dots, and if your body structure is medium to large, the dots can be much wider.

If you have a pear-shaped body, you can ideally use the polka dots on the top and use a solid color on the bottom. If your hips are narrower, completely forget about the dots on the top, and use them at the bottom.


If you do not want to draw attention or highlight certain areas of your body, then choose small and neutral tones.

With Jeans

Blended with jeans give an informal but very chic look. You can wear a navy blue dress with white polka dots and a denim jacket.

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