In this era, the log homes built are durable, strong, energy efficient, unique and beautiful. In order to benefit people with all above characteristics, they are hand-cut or milled and are tightly fitted at the time of construction. For these matters, they are kiln-dried to reduce moisture content, kill any insects and remove fungi and mold and stabilize wood.

Woods of all types gives off moisture till they reach equilibrium within their cells. As soon as this equilibrium is achieved, the dimensions of these logs also change, either they shrink or may bent to a certain angle. A log home is constructed from green, air dried or standing-dead (not kiln dried). Logs are expected to settle to the extent as 3 inches per every 8 ft. of the height of the wall.

The owner is provided with the instruction on how to adjust the walls using bolts, jacks and other mechanism after a year or two. The floors may become unleveled, roof may sag and doors can stick. This is the case that is expected with log homes that are built with logs that are prone to high moisture stuffs. Real kiln-drying can eliminate all these problems and also the need for adjustments.

Proper Kiln-Drying Logs during the Manufacturing Process

  • A proper Kiln-drying logs at the time of manufacturing process can help stabilizing the wood.
  • Expose the checks in the wood (it will occur anyway) that allows bents in the logs during the process of milling to place checks in the un-obtrusive locations to create a superior finish.
  • Eradicate insects, decay, fungi and unwanted beetles from the wood.
  • Manufacture a light weight log to make construction is easier and saves the cost of transportation.
  • Creates a better surface to accept finishes and stains.

If the manufacturer claims that logs are Kiln-dry, it is necessary to ensure the following aspects;

  • Kiln-dry them for 30 days at least
  • Temperatures reaches 180 degrees
  • Logs are observed, weighed and sample cut
  • Logs that don’t meet the required moisture level are to be dropped out of process

 As a custom log home problem solver, RestoreLog will provide consulting services to help home owners through complete process of constructing a log home. From site selection, log species and profiles, builder selection, home designs, construction as well as care, repair and maintenance. To make them part of your family legacy.

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