There is much debate on authenticity of traditional hand-hewn log homes v/s manufactured log homes. Some advocate of hand cut log schools usually the craftsmen and experts for hand-cut logs and full-log custom construction methods, argue that a house built with milled logs are not an authentic ones. Most of the log home owners who coincidentally acquire manufactured log homes, would like to disagree otherwise.

The Difference between hand-cut log homes and manufactured log homes

You might be thinking what the differences between the two are. The fundamental difference between the two is that handcrafted log homes are made from the whole logs. Machine-cut log structures are built with material that are cut, planned and milled in order to create the uniformity among all pieces. Few advocates of hand crafted logs says that it reduces the natural characteristics of the logs. The hallmark of the log structures that are handcrafted is the use of whole logs or full length logs.

Machine cut log homes may have bump joints in their walls

Most if not all, homes today are constructed by milled or manufactured logs. Therefore the tens of thousands of these log home owners disgrace their home that lacks that charm or character offered by hand-cut log home. However most may laugh and affirm hysterically their homes built with manufactured log, is as authentic, charming and rustic as a hand crafted log homes.

There are various reason, why the manufactured or milled log homes popularity on continuous rise. Possibly affordability is the main reason. Skilled craftsmanship is seldom cheap. Unless you plan to fall your own logs, hand peeling to fitting all them together all are time consuming, expensive and detailed tasks. Additionally using a whole log means paying a premium for enough large logs of similar size.

Technology today makes the milling process more economical and reproducible as well. Ultimately it is all about personal preference and budget considerations. Inevitably, if budget constrain, manufacture log homes are economical. Remember, not every guest go in details to honor or dishonor your home. Therefore most will comment it as a nice, charming and authentic regardless of it made of milled or handcrafted material.

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