A mattress is a piece of bedding to sleep or lie on. Mattresses in the United States are usually made with multiple layers of foams of natural or synthetic fibers and springs. You can use your mattress by itself on the floor, but it is usually used on some of platform, which makes it higher than the floor. The platform can be a foundation which is made of metal springs with wooden frames. Mattresses are usually made of foam materials such as latex or viscoelestic foam. They are built with support systems such as water, air, foam or springs. The fabrics which can cover mattresses are called ticking, latex or tempur among others.

When does a mattress need to be replaced?

Following are a few aspects to check if you think your mattress needs replacing.

  • A mattress needs to be replaced between approximately 7 and 15 years, however, each mattress has its own quality. It is highly recommended not to use your mattress for longer than this as it is not healthy for your body and bones.
  • When two adults are sleeping every night on a double mattress, they will notice that the padding, not the coils, are breaking down after a period of 4 to 6 years.
  • If whoever is sleeping on the mattress wakes up every day feeling tired, stiff or achy, this is most likely that the mattress needs replacing.
  • When the inner coils start to spring out of the mattress.
  • When it shows very visible deformities.
  • When it has a large permanent sag in it.
  • When the box spring creaks and squeaks.
  • If the people who sleep on the mattress find it difficult to feel comfort on the mattress, it must be replaced.

Maintenance and Care

  • After you have purchased a new mattress, it should be put on a firm base.
  • Do not wet your mattress. Consider using an impermeable protector, so it will keep your mattress clean and good.
  • Also use a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis.
  • In order to keep the mattress free from stains, use a mattress cover. If your mattress is already stained, use mild soap with cold water and rub it for cleaning.
  • Don’t fold or bend it as it can damage the mattress.
  • When sitting on a mattress, try not sitting on the same spot as it can depress the mattress.
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