Now that the purchase of the flats is being reactivated, our mistakes are also reactivated when we are buying the flats. When we sign the plan before undertaking the purchase, we are accepting something that we can regret later for the unforgivable forgetfulness. There is no way back. Here are a few but easy to correct mistakes that we make when we buy a flat.

The Architect

There are the buyers who do not meet with the architect thinking that the works are immovable and it is one of the biggest mistakes. Isn’t it strange that we are going to own a home and spend a lot of money, and we cannot make the changes in it? Of course, we can but to a certain extent. We must be aware of the fact that we can consult the architect of the developer all our doubts, and propose the changes. We should not forget to show the original plan to a friend architect, if we have one, to advise us and make the best decision possible.

The Changes Of The Architect

Beware, the plan that we were taught at the beginning in the promoter does not have to be the same plan of the final work. Many works undergo more or less design changes for the reason that the floors are put up for sale before construction until the architect has to register it in the college of architects. There can be changes in the balconies, or new dispositions of the columns that modify the bathrooms. You have to check those changes, and agree with them before you sign the final plan of the flat.

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Don’t Count On The Losers!

The most common mistake is that the owners make changes in the initial plan, thinking that the architect is going to include them in the safe fashion. Sometimes the architects have misunderstandings and they may forget, and we too for not checking them. Not to perceive that detail, we will discover on the day of the premiere that a balcony is smaller than the projected, or that the central hall has not been extended as you expected.

Don’t Count On The Temperature!

There are the owners who want more light, and ask the architect to expand the windows at the cost of losing bricks. It makes the floors brighter, but when winter comes, the owners find that they have to spend more on heating.

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