The Monstrum Tactical rifle scope is one of the top-rated products because this rifle scope is lightweight, affordable and has numerous features. It is both fog and water proof and can be used by either an amateur or experienced shooter. Monstrum Tactical is most suitable for hunting large animals at a distance, although it can also be used for hunting small game.

There are many reasons why this is so popular. It has an excellent light gathering feature that allows a shooter to see the prey clearly. The lens is extremely clear and the rifle has a good visual range.

BDC reticule is perhaps one of the best features of the Monstrum Tactical. This specialized reticle allows a hunter to aim better and it does not matter if the prey is close-up or far-off because it provides simple aiming points and a clear view. Another advantage of getting buying this rifle scope is that it is relatively cheap. One can purchase this rifle via the internet within $200.

Advantages of Monstrum Tactical

  • Specialized BDC reticle feature makes it easy for a hunter to aim at varying distances. This system is unique and uses ballistic circles to make targeting the prey a lot easier.
  • The multicoated lens provides a high level of clarity and has a 90% light transmission rate.
  • A hunter will naturally want to hunt in all types of weathers. Since Monstrum Tactical is water and fog proof, it allows for this.
  • The magnification lens allows the hunter to see the prey clearly even if the prey would otherwise be camouflaged.
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It can be used for target shooting as well as hunting. A person that hunts regularly would benefit from using this scope greatly. However, even an amateur hunter can successfully use Monstrum Tactical rifle scope, which is one reason why it is so popular.

It is also interesting to see how Monstrum Tactical rifle scope holds up in comparison to other rifle scopes. Bushnell Tactical Elite 132 Red/Green T-Dot Riflescope is another option that performs on a similar level to the Monstrum. However, Bushnell Tactical Elite Riflescope is not parallax corrected and this makes it more difficult for a hunter to shoot fast moving prey. Many hunters have also complained that the reticle is not completely clear.

Monstrum Tactical rifle scope is well made using high quality materials and provides a clear view and it is easy to use with excellent range. The user reviews about Monstrum Tactical show positive response which confirm that it is good value for the money being perfect for amateur as well as experienced shooters.

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