Life after receiving the baby in last July, 2016 has changed a lot, since the very day the baby was born, I first came to the United States as a permanent resident. Although initially not enough to stay, now that I have a job and doing my life here, I want to make sure that I participate in all the programs that are accessible, so that I can have all the resources I need to adapt to my new life in this country.

One of the first programs I researched was Medicare, because we cannot add it to the health insurance policy we have for my husband’s work. Although in the past, I had heard of this program, I was not really fully informed and decided to find more about this program.

Medicare is a health insurance for the permanent residents and citizens over 65 and only certain persons under the age of 65 are eligible to qualify for the program in case they have any disability, permanent kidney failure, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

The Medicare program helps in paying for the medical expenses and by qualifying for the program, you can receive great benefits. One of these benefits is Medicare Part D that helps in covering some of the prescription drug costs, which can be very expensive in case you do not have health insurance. Thanks to the Medicare Part D, the medicine for the elderly is cheaper, but you still have to pay a certain amount to get the medicine.

Knowing that the seniors often need long medicinal treatments or expensive medicines, and to help people save even more by buying their medicine, the insurance services make the additional payments or copayments even lower, so low that even one can expect to pay no dollars when buying.

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Anyone who is a part of the Medicare program can opt for Medicare Part D benefits, which helps to cover the cost of the medicine. People with Medicare Part A or Part B have the right to have their drugs’ payment fully covered regardless of their income. In addition, to enjoy these benefits, you are not required to have a medical examination and you cannot deny this right because of your state of health or how many medicines you have already been prescribed. If you choose to receive Medicare Part D benefits, you will pay a monthly or premium fee that will allow you to receive your drug at your nearest favorite pharmacy.

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