PetSpy Remote Dog Training Shock Collar is the best thing that ever happened. We have three dogs, two of which love the sound of their own voice, so they go on barking and it was a real problem for us. It seemed that everything would bring on the barking and when one started the other two just had to join in. At that point, they were out of control and it was nearly impossible to shut them up. When someone actually came into the house, it was even worse. It didn’t matter if the dogs knew the person or not, they just had to bark. This would go on all day and all night at every little sound.

This situation was driving us crazy and I am sure the neighbors didn’t appreciate it either. We tried spraying them with a water bottle, shaking a can with coins, anything humane that we were told would help them but nothing did. I bought the a pet trainer that is advertised on TV that lets off a high pitched sound that dogs could hear but I couldn’t. At first, it helped a little, but I was uncomfortable using it because I didn’t want to hurt them.

Out of desperation, I went online to look at the different barking collars available. First of all, I really didn’t want to shock them and secondly, I thought it would be confusing for them. I was uncomfortable with the collars that worked by using the high pitched sound I couldn’t hear. I saw the PetSpy Remote Dog Training Shock Collar and ordered it, but didn’t have high hopes. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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I only ordered one collar, which I received at my home. I put it on the dog that loved to bark the most. She barked once and the collar let off the jolt. She barked a second time and again got the jolt. Miracle of all miracles, there was no third bark. I tried the collar on the other two dogs and the same thing happened. Amazingly, it seems that if we have the collar on one of the two dogs that are real barkers, all three are quiet.

I immediately wanted to order a second collar, but my husband was reluctant. After three days my husband is convinced and we are ordering a second PetSpy Remote Dog Training Shock Collar. Although the one collar on the one dog has worked wonderfully, we want the second collar for the convenience of not having to switch it from dog to dog. It has been nice to hear the crickets at night instead of the never-ending barking. It is no doubt the best bark collar and you should also get one if your dogs have the annoying habit of barking.

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