Are you self-conscious about the way your feet appear and feel? Sick of your pantyhose ripping due to dry, calloused feet? It’s time to reclaim control with PedEgg Power, the all-in-one answer in your palm!

PedEgg Power, as shown on TV, eliminates calluses and rough, rough skin without discomfort. To use, roll PedEgg over your toes to buff away dead skin in an instant. Ped Egg Power’s rollers, which revolve over 2,000 times a minute, are the key. Bladeless, secure, and effective, PedEgg Power is simple to use and manage. For smooth and seductive feet, use PedEgg Power, a cordless calluses remover.


The PedEgg Power comes in a plastic clamshell package. This sort of packaging is usually disliked by consumers. It looks nice on the shelf, but it’s very impossible to open. It’s so tough to open that attempting to do so can result in the calluses that the cream is supposed to eradicate.

The back of the container featured a perforated aperture that allowed me to open it with my own hands. This is what you can expect to find in the package of your new PedEgg Power. Let’s take a look at how it works:

  • Power handle for Ped Egg
  • Smooth roller head
  • Instruction Manual
  • Coarse roller head

A “special mail-in offer” on new rollers priced $9.99 plus shipping and handling were also included in the package. Ignore this; you can get rollers at a cheaper rate in stores or online.

Examining The PedEgg Power

When you first see the Ped Egg Power, you’ll get the impression that it’s cheap and filthy. We’ve tested every major brand of callus remover, and this was the very first one that made me cringe.

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You can’t be looking too closely to notice the poor quality of the plastic. The sides are harsh and had a severe burn at the base. Even the symbol is crooked. The power button is located in the center of the PedEgg Power handle. To turn it on, you move the button up, and to turn it off, you slide it down.

The button feels weak and unresponsive when slid. There isn’t even a lock function to prevent the PedEgg Pro from accidentally turning on. A second button can be found further down the handle. This is the button that allows you to remove the battery cover. The battery top will roll right off if you press down and pull the base while holding the head of the device with the other.

The battery box is seen when the cover is opened, allowing you to insert the batteries. Batteries have been left out of the compartment by Ped Egg. That means you’ll either have to run out and get some or rummage through your TV remote. The PedEgg Power is powered by two AA batteries. If you intend to use it frequently, we recommend purchasing some AA batteries as well as a charger. You will save money long term if you do so.

The PedEgg Power’s back is merely a basic piece of plastic with the brand prominently displayed. Close-up of the coarse roller head of the PedEgg Power Callus Remover. You’ll observe coarse particles wrapped around the roller like sandpaper if you look closely. The drum will start to swiftly rotate and keep grinding away the dead tissue as soon as you switch the power on.

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The roller has the smallest contact area of all the callus removers. This will not be an issue on its own, but the roller is also sunk below the sides. At some angles, the roller’s sides will prohibit it from making appropriate touch with your skin. When you combine the little roller with the callus remover, you have a callus remover which is not particularly successful when it comes to covering bigger portions of your skin.

A little oval button may be found on one of the sides of the PedEgg Power. You can remove the roller head from the handle by holding this button and pulling upwards on it. Typically, electric callus removers are made up of two parts: a roller and a roller holder. The PedEgg Power has a single-piece head. We observed a tendency during our testing. Callus removers with the head shape performed worse than callus removers with a roller and holder layout.

You must have noticed that the box contains 2 distinct roller heads from PedEgg. The coarser of the roller heads is the blue one. It’s known as a Nano Abrasion roller by PedEgg and is used to remove general calluses. The violet roller is intended to make your skin smoother. After making use of the blue roller, just use a smoothing roller to flatten any jagged or gritty pieces of skin that remain.


  • An excellent treatment for removing rough and gritty areas from soles.
  • Designed specifically for hard calluses on the feet.
  • The body is made of plastic and fits comfortably in the hand.
  • On the toes and heels, it’s simple to maneuver.
  • The roller removes dead and rough skin in the same way that sandpaper does.
  • The roller does not irritate the feet.
  • After utilizing the product, your heels will feel softer.
  • More effective than pumice stone since it allows the user to do multitasking while using it and it does not have to be used in the bath.
  • It takes less effort to use than a pumice stone.
  • Reasonably priced.
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  • The spinning activity of the roller comes to a halt when the roller is pressed firmly against the heel.
  • Because the device is powered by batteries, it must be replaced each 2-3 months, depending on usage.
  • It’s possible that it’s not safe to use in the shower.
  • The product is only available in India.

Better Than Other Foot Care Tools

The Ped Egg outperforms a pumice stone in terms of effectiveness. Furthermore, the Ped Egg traps the filth, preventing dry skin particles from blowing around. If the image of tiny crumbs from your feet offends you, you can dismantle the Ped Egg by closing your eyes – it’s that simple. Throw the crumbs inside the garbage to get rid of the ugly mess.

Razor callus removers are significantly more dangerous than the PedEgg foot file. You’ll be less interested in removing more flesh than you intended if you have better control. Also, because callus razors cannot follow the form of your foot, it’s easier to harm the skin and cause bleeding.

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