When you are in prices of making the business plan and looking for the best place to establish your office or company, you are supposed to take many factors in account and one of them is the appearance of the establishment as per the nature of your business. Here I present you with a list of key factors to choose the best features for your business place and location as per the nature of business.

1 – Manufacturing

They have somewhat wider margin of error at the point of appearance as compared to the retail stores. This is because they are less dependent on their ability to attract customers into the shops. Customers generally do not see the plants of the companies they trade with. Orders are made through wholesalers or sales representatives or by email. Potential customers who go to the plant are usually more interested in examining production facilities than looking at the building. Although the appearance of the building does not matter as much as the skill, this does not mean that the appearance should be ignored.

The exterior of a building gives the idea of the quality of the products being sold, the policies of the company and the level of success achieved. An abused building and few attractions give a bad impression of the company.

2 – Services

The importance of appearance varies depending on the service you offer. Some services are so specialized that the customers who look for them take the trouble to find them i.e. consultants, car workshops, cooking schools, landscapers. Others, such as shoe repair shops have such regular traffic that customers come and go almost without looking at the appearance of the facility. These places do not need to rely on appearance to attract customers because they already have them. But not all services have that facility to attract customers. Restaurants and hotels, for example, rely heavily on last-minute customer traffic.

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3 – Distribution

The distribution refers to the physical layout of the furniture and fixtures, equipment, merchandise and items within the building. The better the distribution is the easier it is for the workers to do their jobs and the customers have fewer problems to buy. In the same way, a bad distribution can cause the inefficiency and loss of sales.

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