In choosing a property, you must take into account from the physical state of the property to the legal and financial aspects that will allow you to know if the house or apartment of your dreams really responds to your housing needs as well as budget.

The specialists suggest that the monthly gross income of the family is allocated from 30% to 35% to pay the mortgage without neglecting the other basic needs. If you are looking for a property, you should not miss the following recommendations in any way.

Check the Owner

If the person who sells the property is married by a conjugal partnership, he must have the authorization of his partner in order to sell it. It verifies that there is not an unfinished testamentary trial and that the property does not have mortgage. If the seller is not the sole owner of the property, he or she must have the consent of the other owner for the sale.

Verify That There Are Deeds!

The deed of a real estate is the only way in which the buyer will have the legal certainty of the property before third parties, including the banks to contract credits with mortgage guarantee. This can be verified in the public registry of property. The cost of the deeds includes registration fees, notary fees, certificates of registration of liens, non-debit certificates which fluctuate between 5% and 8% of the value of the property.

Choose A Mortgage Loan

Compare at least three mortgages with different financial institutions, take into account the CAT, interest rate, term, commissions, coverage and cost of life and damage insurance and the payment per thousand.

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Be Patient

The average time of the purchase process can be from 20 days when the transaction is cash, up to 2 months when it is with credit, so you must remain patient enough to let all the process take place.


To be able to find out about the real estate offers as well as the variety of mortgage loans available in the market, you will not be able to avoid the step of inquiring the right information. There are innumerable sites on the internet where new and used homes and apartments are offered, and in which you can segment your search according to the price and area you want. The supply of credits is also varied in the amount and facilities that they offer. Compare more than one property to know which one suits you best.

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