For yoga, you only need your body and mind to be present when preparing for practicing yoga. Usually, it is enough with comfortable and simple clothes and a yoga mat where you can practice, barefoot, the openness of mind and heart and willingness to give some time to nourish your body, relax your mind and elevate your spirit. Some people who for some reason do not have mobility and cannot practice asanas can also do meditation, relaxation and breathing as they are also the parts of yoga therapy like the loving, open-minded, compassionate and generous life. Being fully present and marvel at the greatness of life is yoga. in addition to a series of ancient techniques, it is an attitude and a state of mind that lead to a high level of awareness, health and wholeness.

What style to choose?

It depends upon each person’s character, physical characteristics and needs, because not all types of yoga are the same, although they share the same essence. Ask yourself what your interest in yoga is and what style you are looking for that can reconcile with your needs, for example, inner growth, spirituality, harmony and motivation, physical therapy for pain or improvement in health. It is usually recommended to start with a class of hatha yoga. Its characteristic is that it is slow, meditative and usually milder than other forms of yoga. It is a yoga that suits most people with normal health conditions and it retains the power of yoga to relax while promoting good health and increases energy. There are those who want something fast and intense, in which case they can choose a form of Bikram yoga. It is essential to start a class for beginners or basic level.

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Preparing for Yoga

Preparation for yoga, even for experienced yogis, is very simple. You just need to be willing to make a complete break in your life for a period of time. What differentiates yoga essentially from other physical activities is that our mind is fully present in what we are doing. You are prepared not to be available for anything but yoga. If you are thinking about something else, you are letting go of the most valuable thing you have. It has time and silence on arrival and departure. Do not eat two hours before or wait for three if your last meal was not so light. Before the first class, you can ask if you should take something to know the place, read a little about what yoga is. I suggest you should not try to know everything but relax and let yourself flow what has to come.

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