Hunting of elf is undoubtedly one of the most exciting hunting sciences. Its small size and elusive character, and the difficult environment in which it moves, wild and uncertain in which they usually inhabit, make their hunt quite difficult and it is always valuable. Each species has its own secrets and peculiarities, and we will have to mold ourselves if we want to succeed in such a complicated task. For this reason, there are many points that we will have to take care of, both before and during the hunt.

Check the Weapon

It is very important given the small size of the elf, therefore it is advisable that before you embark on the hunting journey, be sure that your rifle is shooting perfectly. In this way, you will avoid more of a displeasure and it will also give you a great confidence in your possibilities of success.


It is essential to have good binoculars. A good binoculars could be of different dementias such as 7 X 42, 8 X 30 and 8 X 42; they are good because of their size, lightness and manageability, although sometimes they can stay just bright at dawn or in the twilight, as they are the hours in which the elf shows greater mobility and it is easier to find them.

Spot the Best Hours

Elf is an animal that presents greater mobility at dawn and in the twilight. In these hours, its location will be easier. Therefore, in the early hours before dawn, it would be necessary to stay in the field, but be careful, it is not advisable that you begin the retreat if it is not yet seen properly. At the sunset, you must have patience and stay in the place where it is expected find the elf.

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Hunting Territory

The knowledge of terrain on which you are going to carry out the hunting expedition is every fundamental. Knowing the orography, its accesses, the pastures and crops that you have in the hunting zone is essential to be successful in your expedition. You should always choose an elevated site that allows you to observe the largest possible area. With the binoculars, you will carefully observe all the areas in which the presence of elf is possible.

It’s Shooting Time!

Once you are in a possibly apt place to shoot, you have to ensure that you find a good support for your rifle. You should only shoot when your chances of hitting the deer are very high.

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