Today, we have everything that we can imagine in our computers, portable devices, smartphones, tablets, etc. and the cloud and for that reason having everything completely safe is fundamental. The main thing to have everything safe is to have a password that is worth it and for that it is not as simple as you can imagine, especially if we consider in the ‘123456’, ‘love’ or ‘qwerty’ which are still some of the most used passwords. Here are the tips you should keep in mind to generate a random password with strong security.

Long Password

The basis of password security is that it has several characters. Creating a password of 5 or 6 characters considering the capability of a computer to break it does not make sense. For this reason, one should have at least 14 or 16 characters in the password.

Symbols as Characters

It is not the same to choose a password with common characters the letters of the keyboard, but it turn out to be more effective with the use of numbers and symbols like @ or + sign. That is why choosing a password with these characters will be much more complex to guess. Something like ‘H31!o’ will obviously be much more complex than choosing ‘Hello’.

Don’t Have the Same Password!

This advice is the most important one among all. Not having the same password in all services i.e. Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites is very important and it is the mistake that most people make. If you were to guess one, you would, in fact, guess all of them. Worst of all is that many times when doing a service, as it happened with Tumblr long ago, those passwords end up being uploaded to the network and the one who knows how and where to look can find them. If the filtered passwords are on the web for the one who knows how to search and they remain the same on the rest of the services, the result could be catastrophic.

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Use of Password Managers

The password managers are applications that allow you to save all your passwords in one place without even knowing what they are. It sounds strange, but it is very simple and safe. What they do is have a master password to enter the application and then see all the passwords of the accounts that you have. Of course, the master key must be the strongest, because if they steal that, they will steal you all.

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