The use of air as a main source of energy makes the heat pump an innovative technology with many opportunities from the energy point of view. Its ability to combine it with other issuers and heating and cooling systems make aerothermal heat pump an ally when to increase energy efficiency in the heating or cooling and use of hot water at home. If we talk about some of the advantages of aerothermal, we can emphasize the energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and ease of installation and combination with other systems.

Renewable energy is good for the environment and its effects of climate change are positive, that is, encourage the use of renewable energy, reduce CO2 emissions and energy savings through energy efficiency measures.

The use of aerothermal heat pump meets these expectations as it is a technology that uses renewable energy as air whose operation is to transfer heat from air to water. In addition, its wide possibilities of combination make it a perfect ally for the production of domestic hot water and to meet the heating and/or cooling needs of the home.

Unlike other heat generators using fossil fuels for energy, the main source of energy used in aerothermal heat pumps is the air, a free and inexhaustible source of renewable energy. Also, they get energy efficient because they get 70% of free energy from the air and 30% of electricity and manages to cover the energy demand of the whole house, obtaining a high energy yield.

Aerothermal heat pump is able to carry more energy than electrical energy consumed, and this relationship is known as the COP (Coefficient of Performance) and data is indicative of the level of energy efficiency achieved with aerothermal heat pumps.

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Another fundamental characteristic data of heat pumps air is the seasonal efficiency (SPF) factor which takes into account both the power consumption of the heat pump system as the use of peripheral equipment during the months of the year in which the heating is used. This is conclusive factor when deciding to install aerothermal heat pump, as it meets the energy needs of the house to decide what the most appropriate facility is.

Adaptability and Versatility

Another of the great advantages aerothermic heat pumps is the versatility and possibility of combining with other heat emitters such as radiators, thus, it covers all the needs of home heating installation adapting to a low-temperature operation. It also allows you to connect to fan coil units of ceiling to meet the demand of cooling the house. For more in this regard, go to

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