One of the primordial needs of the human body is to rest since the deeper and uninterrupted the rest means the greater restorative and renewing effect of sleep on the body. There are several causes that prevent getting quality sleep due to interruptions of the Rapid Eye Movement Sleep. One of them is the pressure exerted by the rest surface on your body to the point of forcing you to change the position again and again. Such a movement causes a micro awakening that makes you leave the phase of deep sleep. A simply effective solution is the use of memory foams.

The adaptability of some materials known as viscoelasticity eliminates the surface pressure resting on the body and it allows to stay longer in the optimal phase of rest while sleeping. However, keep in mind that sleep, according to experts, is an active phase and it requires a series of natural movements during it. For this reason it is convenient to avoid rest areas that cause the sensation of boxing, since the natural necessity of movement of the body, when being prevented, it also causes the sudden abandonment of the REM phase of the dream. Resting specialists have proven that the optimum resting mattress should be neither hard nor soft such as memory foam mattress and the best ones can be viewed at

The viscoelastic material in modern and good quality memory foams consists of open cells and allows air to circulate freely and this is why the viscoelastic molded or closed cell can sometimes increase the warmth in the memory foam mattresses. This tends to be more accurate in the basic products that are advertised as viscoelastic material but do not have the necessary treatments to fit healthily to the sleeper. In the case of foamed material, also called open cell, it has a honeycomb structure, which guarantees the absence of heat in the mattress. In addition, to guarantee a maximum hygiene at rest, and thanks to the technological advances of research and development, the materials include qualities of being anti-mite, antibacterial and antifungal, which are useful during the whole life of the memory foam mattresses. There are a few tips to take care of the memory foam mattresses.

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To prolong the life of your memory foam mattresses, it is advisable to follow the instructions of each manufacturer as far as turning is concerned. In this way, the stress supported by the mattress is distributed on both sides.

For optimum rest, it is recommended to consult a specialist to test the product and get one that allows a good adaptation of the back.

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