Do you have an automatic garage door in your house? If yes, you must have a great ease to drive in and drive out your car of the garage. If you already have had it for some time, now it could be creating a few issues, therefore, must have periodic inspections which is not a choice but a mandatory task. The frequency of inspections depends on what is specified in the maintenance book of your automatic doors and the use given to it. As a user, you must be aware of a few issues and their solution to keep your garage door in the proper working condition, which I will explain here.

It is important that the door opening and the spaces surrounding it are well cleaned to facilitate its operation. The reason for this is because the tendency to accumulate dust, leaves or other objects is high which causes jams.

In addition, lubrication is imperative. This ensures that the friction systems such as the hinges, the lock, the latch or areas where the engine and the door turn, do not wear or cause annoying noises.

It may happen that the door does not open easily and you may hear a noise you do not like. When the sliding garage door closes completely and bumps against the bottom of the iron where it fits, what happens is that the closing of the motor is pressed and it is plastered inside. The advisable thing in this type of automatic doors for garage is to leave a clearance of 1 or 2 cm in the closing by moving the rear limit switch, so that the motor stops before. But task must be carried out by a professional.

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And in times of cold and rain, you also have to be aware of the humidity that is located in the exterior engines as it makes them stop working. It is important to control possible leaks and to keep joints and switchgear and photocells out of danger as the electrical system could deteriorate and fail.

Now you already know the tips, so that you can take care of your automatic garage door. Do not leave it and make it routine. You will notice the results and the durability of your garage door will be significantly increased due to taking such care. If you follow all these tips, you will keep your garage door correctly working.

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