What Is Houseal Non-Settling System?

Settling in log homes has been always a big issue. Adding complexity and cost to home constructed by logs are always been challenged for concerns. Using methods of construction that are traditional, required stacking the logs horizontally one on the top of each other (either chinked or scribed). The reason behind is as the logs tend to shrink and settle over time, many layers of logs compound the shrinking effect of the wood.

A traditionally sized log wall will settle upward of six to eight inches depending on the moisture content in the logs. Some special construction techniques must be applied to counter the settling effects. To do this settling jack, oversized trim, fascia and slip joints are the common techniques used in traditional log home structures. Moreover, constant care, repair and maintenance is needed until the logs are completely settled.

The Houseal not-settling system (HNS) system is the most noticeable innovation in log home industry since the time when chain saw was invented. The HNS system protects logs from settling and solves a host of possible problems for log homeowners and builders as well.

The Houseal Non-Settling system is a patent technique to construct the log homes. It was invented to ensure that logs will not settle. This system was developed by Barry Houseal a popular structural engineer and expert who invented many other systems for home construction with logs. The basic principal for HNS system is very simple to understand. Each layer of log is held in place through a column of steel pipe and pins. The steel pipe helps prevent the logs from going down because of gravity. Each log layer and the elements of the roof are supported by the steel pipes.

Designers and engineers and architects love the Houseal Not Settling systems. They justify with reasons that it provides much more flexibility in the use of log elements. Builders and experts love the HNS system because it eradicates settling jacks, trim boards and many other construction techniques that are necessary to counter settling of the logs. On the other hand engineers also love the HNS system because the steel used in that method add more strength to the log walls.

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