Halloween is a special holiday for many people. For it is every October 31 that persons, young or old, are allowed to be wild, utilize their imagination, drift off into another character, impress their friends and family and have fun in the process.

That said, many such individuals place a serious emphasis on creating or buying the perfect Halloween costume and begin the process months in advance. Specific devoted and enterprising individuals might even construct their costumes using materials purchased at a Halloween store. Persons hoping to make the proverbial colossal splash with their Halloween outfit are encouraged to consider the following seven whacky but popular ideas that other revellers have employed in recent times:

Halloween costume

Ghillie Suit

Initially used by Scottish huntsman as a means of disguise, Ghillie suits have transformed into intriguing Halloween costumes. Polyester lining designed to look like a collection of plants, leaves and sticks makes this outfit. These costumes typically come in different sizes and divide into several components, such as a mask, jacket, pants, stuff sack and, for those who truly wish to play the role, a gun cover. Said materials are readily available for purchase with online retailers and at survival stores or outdoor living establishments.

Can Of Spam

One of the most famous cheap foods recently immortalized as a popular Halloween costume is SPAM. Of even greater benefit to prospective revellers is that said outfit does not require much heavy lifting or a fat wallet. For as little as $30, Spam lovers can order a ready-made polyester outfit relicating the appearance of the noted product’s container. Furthermore, the item is made in several adult sizes and can accommodate persons of all shapes and contours.

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The Shrimp Rider

Many individuals enjoy feasting on shrimp at their favourite restaurant. However, few, if any, people ever envision riding said seafood delicacies like thoroughbreds. Fortunately, however, those who share said dream can do so with an inflatable shrimp costume. This unique offering enables wearers to step into pants-like legs while said individuals wrap the giant prawn costume around their waist. Once the leg portions inflate, the visual appearance is one of a person riding a shrimp. Such garments are available for purchase at online retailers or found at selected Halloween stores or two.

Halloween costume


Many people find the octopus an intriguing creature. Ergo, those who dress up as the eight-armed creature for Halloween may garner several pleasant glances and a few chuckles. This outfit might be created by building eight large arms and a large head out of various materials and stuffing said items with a soft product like cotton.

Giant Foot

Many individuals find feet unpleasant. Ergo, appearing at a Halloween gathering as a giant foot is likely to attract serious attention. Those interested in dressing up as their favourite bodily extremity can do so by purchasing a full-body polyester-comprised costume replicating a foot. Moreover, the gag is available in numerous sizes designed to comfortably fit the contours of male, female and even child subjects. Additionally, the outfit is readily available for purchase online or at select Halloween retailers.


One thing almost everyone is familiar with is debt. Few issues can be more frightening, feared or unwanted. That said, dressing up as this dreaded millstone may be perceived as clever and is likely to turn at least a few heads. Fortunately, creating this regalia is not expensive but requires a bit of imagination. For example, individuals might outfit themselves as the debt reaper by donning a simple black t-shirt with the word debt spelled across the front, a black hood, a cloak and a bucket used to recoup overdue funds.

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Avocados have become synonymous with a healthy diet and, in many instances, epitomizes optimal living in today’s world. Ergo, either healthy lifestyle adherents or those intent on mocking said beliefs, can dress up in a readily available costume paying tribute to the popular produce item.

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