Everybody is different, in the literal sense and exercise equipment preferences differ from one person to the next, as well. Many people love the newer elliptical trainer and all the benefits that the machine can provide to the body. Others are sticking with the trusty treadmill for the same reasons. Today we are going to talk about the battle between the elliptical trainer and the treadmill. Either one will work extremely well in giving the body an aerobic workout that it needs. However, an elliptical trainer will give you a total body workout that a treadmill cannot. Let’s take a closer look at the two and see how they differ from each other.

Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainer is perfect for those who need or desire a total body workout. This exercise machine allows the user work the lower and upper body at the same time. This means that your arms, chest, back, legs, and shoulders are working at the same time, to give you the total body workout you desire. It is also perfect for those who need a good cardiovascular workout. The elliptical trainer, because it works your total body, will raise your heart rate faster than you would with the treadmill.

The elliptical trainer will also allow you to add variety to your workout. For example, target your quadriceps by pedaling backwards while on your elliptical trainer. One last feature we should point out is that the elliptical trainer creates less impact on your joints than that of the treadmill. By exercising on this machine your knees, lower back, hips, and joints will sustain less impact and reduce the amount of pain you may experience while on the treadmill. All this rolled together means with a total body workout you increase the body fat you are burning on the elliptical trainer.

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The treadmill has long been a very popular piece of exercise equipment. Studies show that about 80% of health-minded households have and use some variety of treadmill within their homes. The treadmill is the perfect exercise equipment for those that are just beginning their exercise regimen. The reason for this is that the treadmill allows the user to gradually increase the level of intensity as their body becomes more adept to exercising.

The treadmill is also great for those who simply enjoy running, jogging, or walking. Some people do not need a total body workout and exercise to keep them in the shape they already are in. The treadmill also benefits those who enjoy this type of exercise but weather elements prevent them from going outside to jog, run, or walk. You can see more details about the best treadmills here.

After this comparison, it is easy to see that an elliptical trainer is the right choice for those who need a total body workout whereas the treadmill is the number one seller in fitness equipment.

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