Electric Heating System

For many homes, the electric heating is still an alternative for home comfort. Among its advantages is that it get installed very easily, it is safe, requires little maintenance and is a clean energy that does not cause fumes of combustion. Among its major drawbacks we can say that it is more expensive given the prices of electricity and its response speed, which increases energy consumption because it takes longer to reach the comfort temperature.

Anyway, the choice of this type of heating system will be conditioned by the use of heating, for example, it may be a good choice for second homes where there is not excessive use of heating, and the greater installed power to heat the house. Depending on the annual expenditure on heating, it may be advisable to consider using another type of heating system.

It is important to remember that there are more alternatives to the electrical systems of more conventional heating, electric radiators and electric water heaters. The advantages of using an efficient heating system such as heat pump which yields excellent energy because it is able to transfer more heat of the energy that it consumes, that is to say, that while consuming 1kw electric it gives advantage of 3kw more of a renewable energy. The operation of the heat pump and its high energy performance makes it a very important option to take into account for floors or single-family homes that only have an electrical connection.

Renewable Energy

Although using some form of renewable energy improves energy rating of the building and saves energy, we can say that their use and application at home is not widespread, but increasingly common to find facilities of thermal biomass.

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Here I would like to make a special emphasis on the potential of renewable energy for the generation of heating and hot water at home, that either by themselves or combined with other heat generators, batteries, underfloor heating, etc. meet the needs of heating of the house. Even for its potential reversibility, it can also meet the cooling needs of a home such as reversible heat pump, which collects the hot air outside and transfers it to the housing in the form of cold air with high energy efficiency.

Undoubtedly, betting on renewable energy is a very important option to take into account for single-family homes that do not have access to the gas supply network or with difficult access to other energies other than electricity. On these occasions, you will have to assess what kind of renewable energy is the most appropriate one. In some cases, it will be geothermal energy through geothermal heat pumps as an option to meet the needs of air conditioning; in others, biomass, pellet stoves and boilers are another option to consider.

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