Many people wonder if they should wear formal or casual for attending a meeting on Skype, especially who have been on having busy with freelancing most of their career.

Well, in case of friendly Skype meeting, you may wear any casual dress, but when it is about attending a professional business meeting or you are appearing for an online job or admission interview, you need to rethink. The dress speaks about your personality, your behavior, the surrounding and environment and above all about YOU.

There is a trend as per which professionals dress up as per their industry like you can see software engineers or graphics designers wearing a T-Shirt with blue jeans at work place. The MBAs wear casual business dress or do formal dressing while going for work or for job interview. Doctors simply dress up with causal business dressing and a white coat. But this article is about how to appear for Skype video meeting

Always prepare for an online interview the same way as you are going to appear physically. Never ever wear your rugged shirt because it will ruin all your hard work and demonstrate a very bad impression. For interview, make sure you are wearing corporate colors like chocolate brown, navy blue, grey, white or off white formal dress. Wear a tie and select a place where no one will disturb you while giving interview. Means remove all the distractions around you. Some interviewers try not to show themselves on the video and a black screen will be appearing so don’t get nervous. Try to be confident and sit with shoulder’s straight; do not lean down towards the desk. If the interviewer is sitting in front of you do maintain eye contact and try to answer confidently.

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On the contrary, if you are wearing a rugged shirt on video interview at Skype or Microsoft Lync or any other recommended social network, it will definitely create a very bad impact. The next important thing is to make your hair settle neatly. If you are appearing with improper hear and night cloths, believe us, no one will think how talented you are and will not bother to contact you again. It will demonstrate your laziness and ill respected behavior.

Don’t be overconfident and don’t think that ‘I am what I am, and I will appear the same manner no matter what happens’. This is the silliest thinking and you are playing with your career and you need to change this behavior. Because you need a job or admission in a university, not the interviewer, it is your responsibility to be fit in all the aspects that will influence interviewer to hire you or give you admission.

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