From Simple to Sophisticated Forms

The simplest models of sleep mask present themselves as a kind of large cloth mask. They cover the eyes, but generally allow the light to pass through the space formed between the mask and the gaps in the nose. These models will suit those who need privacy to fall asleep, but not necessarily full black. Some sleep masks have a lining where it is possible to put pockets of gel that will refresh the eyes and prevent the appearance of dark circles. It is effective if one has decided to sleep more than one hour.

Other models cover both eyes and ears, providing protection against light and noise. The most expensive models are in thermoformed foam. They will perfectly fit the contour of the face and leave sufficient space in the orbits to blink. They are more comfortable and also let the skin breathe better than the cheaper models, helping it to regenerate.

A Wide Range of Materials

The material that covers the mask guarantees the quality of sleep, therefore it must be given special attention. A soft material is not necessarily the most pleasant one after several hours. The cotton is soft and prevents the risks of allergy. On the other hand, it will tend to shrink during washing. It is a perfect material for occasional travelers who use their mask sparingly.

The polyester is lightweight, does not get spoiled in washes and absorbs breathing very well. It is the privileged matter of those who tend to sweat a lot. Beware of polyester masks with a fleece lining since the latter is not breathable and you may wake up with face full of sweat.

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The nylon is soft, elastic, shiny and light. But, like the fleece lining, it does not absorb sweat and may scratch you during the night. Silk is a better option as it has all the qualities of nylon, but will not scratch if sweating.

Uneven Quality Means Uneven Sleep!

The quality of a mask lies mainly in its ability to block light. The low-end models do not cover the wings of the nose. One day it forms between the gaps and the mask, so that the light rays will pass from below and will prevent you from correctly finding the sleep.

Other models of sleep mask will plunge you in the dark at the cost of a terrible compression of the face. This alternative is very bad, because if the skin does not breathe during sleep, you will look more tired after waking up. It is no coincidence that thermoformed masks are the most expensive as they offer total darkness without compressing the face.

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