If you are one of the people who enjoys keeping your car neat and clean and shining, waxing provides the necessary solution. Think of the rainy season and you will wonder how to maintain your car properly. Days of continuous rains will not allow you to go for the waxing. You may wonder if you should leave the car during these periods on its own and get on to the maintenance process once the season changes. However, your car requires the desired maintenance during all the seasons and even more during the rainy season as these days acid rain is common and dust and water combine together into mud which can harm the body of the car.

Car care is required throughout the year. Most of the people think that car maintenance should be done after the rough weather conditions. Some even leave the car like that in the rainy season and get the necessary waxing, cleaning and maintenance after the rough weather, thinking that they will simply lose the money as the effect of the washing and cleaning will not last long in the harsh weather.

The car buffer wax machine is a simple arrangement where an electrical motor spins an oval buffer pad fitted with a cloth which makes a circular motion to give the desired effect. Buffers use rubbing compound, wax and polish which is used to remove small scratches from the body of the car.

Generally when the buffer machine is used it covers the areas which are scratched and minimizes the scratch effect. While using the buffing machine one should take great care of the amount of rubbing compound they are using.

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Rubbing compound basically consists of fine particles of sand mixed with wax. On rubbing it on the paint it spreads the paint in the scratched area and simultaneously polishes it so that providing a uniformity in the area. So if one applies more of the rubbing compound it can ruin the paint of the car.

Another important aspect during buffing is the pressure applied in the process. The pressure applied on the body of the car needs to be just right. Low pressure will not provide good results and lead to uneven distribution of wax. While the extra pressure can lead to the ruining of the paint.

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