Sun Dolphin Excursion 10-Foot Solo Fishing Kayak is a notable model by manufacturer Sun Dolphin. It is 10 ft. long, 30 inches wide and weighs approximately 40 lbs. it can support up to 250 lbs. of weight and essentially combines the speed and tracking of the earlier model. Its main features include the following;

Deluxe Adjustable Seat

The seat is extremely comfortable and has been covered with breathable material for additional comfort, furthermore this fishing Kayak has rigged the chair with hi-lo feature, so that it can be adjusted for lumbar support. The seat also comes with a rear removable utility bag and closeable tackle storage pockets under the seat. The seating area also includes a stand-assist handle, so it is easy to stand and cast.

Rod Holders and Storage

Sun Dolphin Fishing Kayak comes with RAM rod holders and a rear tank well, rear rocket launchers and front storage space for rods, nets and gear with hooks and bungee cords to secure everything in place. The rod stagers on the sides are extremely useful, and they can store different rods such as fly and spin rods and the rod tip cover protects the tips as well. Rods can also be stored in the center storage hatch in front of the seat, so you will not even have to get out of your seating position while on the water; it also keeps all your gear dry. The center hatch comes with a removable fish cooler which is perfect for storing your catch.

Sun Dolphin Fishing Kayak is surprisingly stable even while standing up and is available in both rudder and non-rudder versions the rudder is sold separately for those of you who want it. In addition there is a removable/replaceable skid plate to protect the bottom of your kayak and vertical tackle boxes on either side of the seat. Other features include beverage storage, adjustable foot pegs and flat standing platform for the best casting position. It is best suited for use on small ponds, small creeks, large lakes and rivers.

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Sun Dolphin Fishing Kayak has ample storage, it is extremely stable and the seat is very comfortable supporting your back and knees. It maneuvers well even in shallow water and tight coves and it is easy to control and does not require over exerting yourself. It has been met with excellent reviews from all its users and as such should be rated a 4 out of 5 for overall performance. The reason for this is that the seat while breathable is not as breathable as other models out there, but it makes up for this in comfort. In conclusion, The Sun Dolphin Fishing Kayak is an excellent choice for any angler out there. You can see here fishing kayak reviews are very important to make a decision, so always read a review before you purchase a fishing kayak.

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