A table- whether small or big, in the kitchen or bedroom, for storage or office work, is a must needed piece of furniture. In fact, we need a table for everything. It is a staple furniture item that so basic but it is very important. People generally spent hours finding a perfect sofa, kids’ bed, wardrobe, or even bedsheets but when it comes to the table they are left blank. They often buy it without giving much thought to their design, pattern, or material. And due to this, they end up making absurd choices. Well, after this you are left with nothing but a mismatched furniture piece that later acts as sore to your eyes. 

Therefore, to help you make the right choice we have listed below different types of tables and tips on how to choose them. 

#1. The Coffee Table

Coffee is a must to harmonize your living room’s décor. The coffee is generally accompanied by your sofa set and therefore it should coordinate with its look and feel. The aesthetics of your coffee table should be in tone with your sofa. 

  • The size of your coffee table should be less than half the length of your sofa. 
  • The height of your coffee table should be the same as you’re your sofa’s sitting height. 
  • For a cubical living room layout, a round or square-shaped coffee table is recommended. 
  • For smaller space, make narrow rectangles or oval-shaped tables is recommended.

#2. The Dining Table

The dining table is an important piece of furniture that provides you comfortable seating for the meal. Considering, the dining table price, design, material, seating capacity, and size there are endless options available. Purchase dining table as per the available space in your home. Homes with a separate dining room can go for heavy wooden alternatives. And the ones with smaller rooms or space can look for foldable space-saving solutions.

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#3. The Bedside Table

A bedside table can elevate your room’s décor. Bedside tables also are known as night-stands accord your bedroom a complete look. Choose a bedside table that matches your bed’s aesthetics and height. The bedside table can serve multiple purposes in your bedroom. It can store your essentials such as medicines, or reading material. Moreover, for an enhanced look you can also decorate it with a vase, small plant, or a lamp.

#4. Study Table or Computer Table

A study table or a computer table should be ergonomically efficient to support long hours sitting. They should integrate in-built storage space to keep your study or workspace clean and clutter-free. Choose a computer table/ study table that ensures comfortable sitting and access to the computer. Moreover, it should fit your room’s dimensions. For compact rooms, there are several space-saving solutions available such as foldable tables or hanging tables.

Thus, tables are essential pieces of furniture to enhance functionality as well as the aesthetics of your home. So, make a careful choice, research online, search for different variants, and find the perfect piece.

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