Silver earrings or gold earrings? Big or maybe something smaller? Often we have the doubt of which type and style will fit us better? And it is at the first glance that many of us do not give so much importance to the earrings, and there are even women who do not even use the earrings, whatever the case is yours, it is a crystal-clear fact that the poorly chosen earrings can spoil your overall look for sure. The mistake is in taking the earrings as a secondary item when you get ready, but the influence of earrings on the final look is more important than we think.

But for fear of not knowing how to choose the right one, we cannot fall into the mistake of always using the same for everything, so simply read the advice that we are going to give you here, so that you can dare to put different things that you had never imagined, since a good earrings can be the perfect complement to attract all the eyes around you. Here we will see a few tips that will help you pick the finest earrings.


You must keep in mind that the earrings you wear on your face, depending on your hairstyle and hair type, you may be more or less attractive in the event.

For curly hair, it is better to choose the ones with very straight lines or smooth surfaces, so that they do not detract from your hair. And if, on the contrary, your hair is smooth, it is best that you choose the earrings with more volume to create that effect in your hair.

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Hair Color

If you are redhead, the best colors for your earrings are green and blue.
If your hair is blond, it is best to opt for the light colors such as turquoise.
For brown hair, it is best that you use bright colors to give the light to your face.


If you wear loose hair and you have huge volume, you should go very well with the large earrings, so that they are not covered by your hair. In case you have little volume of hair, you should opt for the smaller and discrete earrings.

If the hairstyle is informally low, it is better that you have short or glued earrings with some brightness to highlight, but nothing that hangs. The high bow with clear face is very well with the long earrings of two parts, one collected in the lobe of the ear and another that hangs, but if what you wear is a semi-director, the long earrings will be great because they refine and stylize your face.

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