Chocolate is one of those pleasures of gastronomy, which give us a series of benefits and outstanding properties that, in themselves, interest many people. Chocolate consists of a mixture of sugar with two components from the cocoa seed, a solid matter the cocoa powder and a fatty material, cocoa butter.

As a result of this mixture, there are many different varieties come out of chocolate and when combined with other products such as milk or nuts, different classes are made such as white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, etc.

Formerly, chocolate was accused of negative values such as the production of pimples and weight gain, but these claims are totally false and to counter them, we will see a few of the benefits of eating chocolate in this post.

What benefits does chocolate give us?

It helps us ward off depression by helping us to feel better, improving the mood primarily in the symptoms of the pre-menstrual period.

One of the parents’ great allies when it comes to denying an ounce of chocolate to their children has been that it produces cavities and it something the health expert categorically deny. Good cocoa is a product that does not stay in the mouth, and it means that it does not generate the necessary conditions for caries to occur.

It intensifies libido, especially sexual desire in women, endowing it as an aphrodisiac essence only for women.
It is antioxidant and has vitamins which are very beneficial for health since cocoa has higher level of magnesium.

Chocolate makes heart stronger as it has flavonoids, the basic element which helps us to avoid the congestion of the arteries and the heart diseases.

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Chocolate has more iron than beans or lentils the amount of iron that cocoa stores among its nutritional values. The vitamins of group B in it is another of the great characteristic of chocolate, thanks to the process of fermentation to which it is subjected in producing countries.

How to consume chocolate?

We know for sure that chocolate contains a lot of calories, especially if it does not contain enough cocoa, the higher the cocoa, the lower the calories, so it is recommended to eat dark chocolate, which contains 70% cocoa concentration.

Of course, the more bitter cocoa will be chocolate, but it is the same or healthier than other types of chocolate and can be used for other foods such as smoothies, ice cream, desserts and the like. As long as it is consumed in moderation, chocolate will not cause any other problems but rather bring benefits that will help you to stay healthy.

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