The Design, Material & Size of the Best Maternity Pillows

The specialists recommend pregnant women sleep on the left side with slightly flexed legs. However, this is not a natural or easy position to have if you want to rest, especially for pregnant women. The professionals recommend this position to increase the amount of oxygen that reaches the baby. In this regard, the best maternity pillow has a structure that adapts to the position you want, ensuring comfort and making you rest.

The Design

The maternity pillows must adapt to the shape of the woman and make them feel comfortable and safe to get them to rest peacefully. Not all women are the same and you develop your pregnancy in the same way, which is why the shape of the pillow usually varies according to the place where they offer more support. There are several types of maternity pillows, the most common are as follows;

Wedge are those that provide the most support in the area of the belly when lying on your side.
Cylinder, also called tubular pillows, offer support to the belly and back.
Full-body horseshoe-shaped maternity pillows and can accommodate to support the various areas such as the neck, back and belly.
C-shaped consists of two pillows joined by velcro that are to support the back and belly.

The Material

The filling should be firm enough to provide adequate support and the exterior preferably should be a soft and hypoallergenic fabric. Women go through many hormonal changes during this stage, so it is not uncommon for more than one to develop some allergy to certain materials, and this is why this type of material is recommended.

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There are currently maternity pillows with viscoelastic filling, which molds to the body and adjusts to the movements. In addition, it is a material that maintains the temperature and reduces the pressure points. Within other materials, we can find cotton, polyester and latex, which are all very good and mostly hypoallergenic.

The Size

Most of the maternity pillows are longer than the common cushions. The pillows for pregnant women are in many sizes to adapt to the different tastes and needs, some measuring between 0.50 cms to 2 meters. Make sure the maternity pillow is the right size for your bed. There are some that take too much space and can even be uncomfortable, both for you and your partner. If you have a small space, it is recommended to have a flexible C-shaped pillow or a wedge pillow, although they are more specific for the abdomen or back.

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